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"Revealed Price Preference: Theory and Empirical Analysis" (with R. Deb, Y. Kitamura, and J. Quah; CeMMAP working paper), forthcoming in the Review of Economic Studies.

"Constraint Qualifications in Partial Identification" (with H. Kaido and F. Molinari), Econometric Theory 38(3), 595-619, 2022 (preprint; ungated read-only published version).

"Bounding Infection Prevalence by Bounding Selectivity and Accuracy of Tests: With Application to Early COVID-19," Econometrics Journal 25(1), 1-14, 2022 (Editor's Choice; ungated published version).

"Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic: It Is Not Who You Teach, but How You Teach" (with G. Orlov, D. McKee, J. Berry, A. Boyle, T.J. DiCiccio, T. Ransom, and A. Rees-Jones), Economics Letters 202, 109812, 2021 (IZA Discussion Paper 13813; NBER Working Paper 28022).

"Confidence Intervals for Projections of Partially Identified Parameters" (with H. Kaido and F. Molinari), Econometrica 87, 1397-1432, 2019 (preprint, official version with supporting files).

"Revealed Stochastic Preference: A One-Paragraph Proof and Generalization," Economics Letters 177, 66-68, 2019 (preprint).

"Nonparametric Analysis of Random Utility Models" (with Y. Kitamura), Econometrica 86, 1883-1909, 2018 (preprint, official version with supporting files).

"Partial Identification and Empirical Methods for the Law: Remarks Inspired by Helland and Yoon," Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 174, 137-142, 2018.

"Testing Stochastic Rationality and Predicting Stochastic Demand: The Case of Two Goods" (with S. Hoderlein), Economic Theory Bulletin 3, 313-328, 2015 (preprint).

"Choice Theory when Agents can Randomize," Journal of Economic Theory 155, 131-151, 2015 (preprint).

"Revealed Preferences in a Heterogeneous Population" (with S. Hoderlein), Review of Economics and Statistics 96, 197-213, 2014 (preprint; web appendix).

"Minimax Regret Treatment Choice with Covariates or with Limited Validity of Experiments," Journal of Econometrics 166, 138-156, 2012 (preprint, web appendix).

"New Perspectives on Statistical Decisions under Ambiguity," Annual Review of Economics 4, 257-282, 2012 (preprint).

"Dominance and Admissibility without Priors," Economics Letters 116, 118-120, 2012 (preprint).

"Axioms for Minimax Regret Choice Correspondences," Journal of Economic Theory 146, 2226-2251, 2011 (preprint).

"Statistical Decisions under Ambiguity," Theory and Decision 70, 129-148, 2011.

"Partial Identification of Spread Parameters," Quantitative Economics 1, 323-357, 2010 (preprint, additional closed-form results).

"Minimax Regret Treatment Choice with Finite Samples," Journal of Econometrics 151, 70-81, 2009 (preprint, web appendix).

"Partial Identification and Robust Treatment Choice: An Application to Young Offenders," Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice 3, 239-254, 2009 (preprint). (Reprinted in P. Coolen-Schrijner, F. Coolen, M. Troffaes, T. Augustin, S. Gupta (eds.), Imprecision in Statistical Theory and Practice, Grace Scientific, 2009.)

"More on Confidence Intervals for Partially Identified Parameters," Econometrica 77, 1299-1315, 2009 (preprint).

"Charles F. Manski: 'Identification for Prediction and Decision'" (book review), Journal of Applied Econometrics 24, 857-862, 2009.

"Minimax Regret Treatment Choice with Incomplete Data and Many Treatments," Econometric Theory 23, 190-199, 2007 (preprint, web appendix, code).

"Bounds on Generalized Linear Predictors with Partially Identified Outcomes," Reliable Computing 13, 293-302, 2007 (preprint).

“Computation of Bounds on Population Parameters When the Data Are Incomplete” (with J. Horowitz, C.F. Manski, and M. Ponomareva), Reliable Computing 9, 419-440, 2003.

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